We always welcome more volunteers!
All our bereavement volunteers working with clients must first complete our Cruse training - Awareness in Bereavement Care, a course requiring 60 hours of study - before they are able to support bereaved people. There are plenty of other roles too, whatever your talent - administration fundraising, management, for example.

The first step to becoming a volunteer:
Filling in a volunteer application form and sending it to our Central Office (address on the form) will give us the information to get you started on volunteering with Cruse, whether as a bereavement volunteer or in some other role. This form will be sent to your local area or branch of Cruse, where you would be working. Alternatively, contact your local branch direct; please click here for a list of branches.

For those wanting to become bereavement volunteers, we have information on where Awareness in Bereavement Care foundation training is planned; please click here for a list of upcoming training courses for bereavement volunteers.

Everyone experiences bereavement at some stage of their life, the death of a parent, a loved one, a friend or a child. The feelings of grief can overwhelm us at the time, but we work through them and come to terms with our loss. Our lives will never be the same again, things have changed. Sometimes though, the feelings, perhaps of despair or guilt or sheer loneliness, may overwhelm us and we need to seek help.


Death is a part of life, and grieving a natural process. Cruse is committed to breaking the stigma around grief and ensuring that everyone, no matter how old or young, can access the highest quality support following a bereavement.

Not only does Cruse provide a telephone helpline and the useful information you will find on this website, but our trained volunteers provide face-to-face support and practical advice in branches across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you are a young person, you might also want to visit RD4U, where you can find helpful information, fun games and an interactive messageboard where you can share your stories and support others in a similar situation.

Cruse relies on volunteers to deliver the bulk of its services and is largely funded by public donations. If you would like to help Cruse continue to provide high quality care please click here to find out how you can support us and make a difference to bereaved people across the UK.


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